Philippine International Wire, Cable and Optical Fiber Communication, Electric Power and Electric Machinery Exhibition opened in Manila in June
May 15, 2019

“The latest certification trends and requirements for wire and cable in Global” will be held on June 23, 2019 in SMX HALL 1, Philippines. Presented by Darmy Si, the general manager of YCCT. This forum will explain robot wire & cable certification, CPR certification and UL9990 requirements.

About YCCT
Since its establishment in 2009, YCCT has been paying attention to wire and cable testing and certification, especially in plug sockets, consumer electronic cables, network communication cables, new energy cables, automotive cables, medical cables, robot cables, etc. Leading testing and certification service capabilities in the country.At present, there are 200 sets of testing equipment. After several years of development, Youer Testing has received authorization and cooperation support from more than 65 certification bodies worldwide, including UL, VDE, TUV, CSA, IMQ, CCC, PSE, SASO, SAA, INMETRO and so on, serving more than 5000 enterprises from around the world.

About Darmy Si
He is general manager of YCCT, Former U.S. UL Senior Auditor, Asia Pacific Cable Founder, Well-known safety training instructor, etc. He lectured in more than 30 large-scale lectures.


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