PLASCOM Taiwan Connects You with Taiwan's Best Suppliers
Aug 07, 2019

PLASCOM Taiwan is a professional petrochemical, plastic and rubber trade show, taking place right at the industrial cluster of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This show presents you Taiwan's high-quality industrial goods, from upstream polymer composites (e.g., PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC, ABS, EVA, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.), to processing machines and finished products. You will meet 130+ top-tier suppliers from Taiwan and from this region, who set up a 7,000-sqm exhibition space to showcase their excellence.

Diversified materials to grow your business

Over the past 50 years of development, Taiwan has formed a complete supply chain in the petrochemical and plastics industry, with an aggregate output of US$140 billion in 2018. PLASCOM Taiwan offers you the best of these industries. Leading producers, such as Formosa Plastics, CPC, CHIMEI, USI, will exhibit their selections of genetic and engineered plastic and rubber raw materials.

If you are looking for advanced, high-performance or high value-added composites, innovative exhibitors, like Taiwan Glass, Wah-lee, Eternal Materials, Green World, and Qualipoly, will inspire you more. Their advanced materials and technology are widely applied in our daily necessities, food packaging, electronics, automobiles, building and construction, pharma and medical, aero and aviation, and agricultural industries; some of these materials even meet the most critical environment-friendly and recyclable industrial demands.

Professional seminars to explore new frontiers

This show will hold 2 and a half days of technical seminars and professional forums, which will cover topics such as: smart materials, environmentally friendly materials, rubber raw material development trends and market analysis, high performance polymers, the application of composite materials in aerospace and printed circuit boards, the innovation and research findings and development trends of Japanese composite materials, and the current status and development of global composite materials, injection molding of the Internet of Things(IoT) in the management of production and molding cycle application, environmentally friendly carbon black application, development trend of environmentally safe food packaging materials application, and introduction of food contact material regulations in the EU and major member states, etc. You are welcome to sign up for these events. Please visit our website for more information:

PLASCOM Taiwan is a precious venue to connect yourself with the reputable suppliers and professional peers in Taiwan. It will take place from August 21 to 24 of 2019 at Kaohsiung.