Reed Panorama Exhibitions Launch Security, Safety & Facility Management Expo Indonesia
Jan 28, 2018

-Hundreds of Distinguished Brands and Business Players Showcasing Various New Products, Services and Technology devices in Security System in Indonesia to Offer Solutions for all the Problems and Challenges of the Security System in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Reed Panorama Exhibitions together with the Indonesian Security Systems Industry Association (AISKINDO) officially launched SECURITY, SAFETY & FACILITY MANAGEMENT (SSF) EXPO INDONESIA, the first exhibition and conference in Indonesia dedicated to the security industry. The four-day event will start on March 15, 2018 at the Jakarta Convention Center, open for public from 10 am - 8 pm. SSF Expo Indonesia will take place simultaneously with Megabuild Indonesia and supported by the Association of Indonesian System Intergrator & Security Systems (ASISINDO) and the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII).

SECURITY, SAFETY & FACILITY MANAGEMENT (SSF) EXPO INDONESIA presents a variety of products from leading brands, services and the best security technology at home and abroad. SSF Expo Indonesia is a real step from industry to industry. Reed Panorama Exhibitions together with AISKINDO are continuously active in promoting and strengthening the market of security industry in Indonesia, educating consumers on the latest products and technology.

SSF Expo Indonesia combines showrooms and education to address the needs and challenges of future security system tools in Indonesia. SSF Expo Indonesia is expected to be a forum that brings together business players from distributors, operators to security integrators with users ranging from retail, tourism to building owners.

In Indonesia, the market of security system devices is seeing very promising growth. High public awareness on the importance of security system devices has pushed up the demand for these products and services industry. There are more than 100 companies engaged in the security industry, including distributors, operators and security intergrators. The growth of the retail business, property and tourism industry and the middle class in Indonesia has contributed to the increasing demand for sophisticated products and technology from security system devices.

In addition, the rise of crime and criminal act happenings also encourages the awareness of business actors and the public about the importance of having adequate safety and security system equipment.

Stefanus Ronald Juanto, Chairman of Aiskindo, said, "The security system is very critical and can not be underestimated. The awareness of security systems in a building or dwelling, encouraging us, as an association engaged in the security system to educate and support the implementation of Security Expo, Safety, & Facility Managenet (SSF) Expo Indonesia. Through this exhibition, we hope that business players can share information, communicate, as well as introduce the latest products and technologies to stakeholders, government and users."

Steven Chwee, General Manager of Reed Panorama Exhibitions, said, "Through SSF Expo Indonesia 2018, Reed Panorama Exhibition will actively support the advancement of the security industry in Indonesia. The presence of leading brands in the industry is expected to provide more reference and education to the public about the importance of the security sector, and safety. In addition, we hope this event can be a suitable place to bring business actors together with stakeholders, government and users so that it becomes an annual agenda that must be visited."

On the other hand, Hellen Woon, Project Director of Reed Panorama Exhibitions added that the presence of SSF Expo Indonesia in Megabuild Indonesia is expected to complement the 'Security, Safety and Facilities Management' segment as well as reaching a wider market, making Megabuild Indonesia a one-stop solution for building needs.

Security Conference, Safety & Facility Management Expo Indonesia 2018

Occupying an area of Cendrawasih Room, Jakarta Convention Center, SSF Expo Indonesia will also be equipped with various educational programs in the form of seminars and conferences with "Security Technology Breakthrough" as a theme.

Presenting expert and professional speakers in their field, this event will discuss the latest industry trends, providing technical as well as practical solutions and insight to address current security concerns. This event will be open to the public free of charge.

For property businesses, contractors, architects and building owners looking for security solutions and management facilities, do not miss out on this best opportunity, gain knowledge about new products, services and technologies and exciting offers from exhibitors. Ensure your visit to SSF Expo Indonesia, an exhibition and conference dedicated to the security industry located at JCC - Jakarta.

To facilitate the visitors of SSF Expo Indonesia, and to speed up the registration process, the organizers have opened pre-registration through the website to get direct access and follow the various activities held during the exhibition.

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