Shanghai Electric's industrial internet platform SE unicloud debuts at China's industry fair
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Sep 24, 2019

Sep 23, 2019 (China Knowledge) - The 21st China International Industry Fair (CIIF) held in Shanghai last week attracted 2,610 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions. With rapid development of China's economy, this event has become the largest, most comprehensive and highest-level exhibition in the field of advance industrialization and digital transformation.

As the highlight of this exhibition, Shanghai Electric (601727) (2727) held a grand opening with the launch of a special theme on intelligent manufacturing that promotes new industrial development at its pavilion. It is worth mentioning that this is the consecutive twenty-one for the electrical equipment giant to participate in the expo.

In this exhibition, Shanghai Electric unveiled and displayed its solutions in four areas; namely: smart energy, smart manufacturing, smart transportation and smart city. The superb integration of advance manufacturing and digital technology led the audiences to experience the surreal urban landscape with such applications.

Most notably was its key technology and engineering solution of 75MW gas turbine applicable to distributed energy that won Shanghai Electric the highest-level CIIF award, becoming one of only 10 projects that received this award.

In addition, the Shanghai Electric also launched the long-awaited “SE unicloud" industrial internet platform to the public was well-received. Its cloud platform is an abler that integrate applications such as equipment networking, fault diagnosis, remote operation and maintenance, and energy planning. At its initial phase the platform has already provided solutions for wind power’s intelligent operation and maintenance, thermal power's remote operation and maintenance, machine tool's maintenance, energy storage battery, remote control of distributed energy, and other tailor-made applications for numerous industries.

In future, SE unicloud will seek to focus on after-sales services, innovate business models, and to stay client-centric. By building a powerful industrial ecosystem comprising of smart equipment manufacturing, industrial internet, supply chain and e-commerce, Shanghai Electric could effectively enable customers, suppliers and partners to collaborate and operate seamlessly on one single platform.

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