A siganture events for bakery industry in the Asia Pacific region
Mar 05, 2018

An indicative event for the baking industry in Asia, 2018 Taipei International Baking Show is hosted by Taipei Bakery Association. This year, the scale is the highest than ever. The exhibit spreads over two floors, with 406 participating exhibitors and 1762 booths in total. Raw ingredients, machines and equipment, packaging materials and accessories, baked products, coffee and related products are presented for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, with multiple choices and brand names. Acclaimed as the largest annual platform of the baking industry in Taiwan, this exhibit will be grandly held in Nangang Exhibition Hall during March 15-18.

Over the years, leading companies in the baking industry such as Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Namchow Group, Tehmag Foods Corporation, Lian Hwa Foods Corporation, Chungpu Baking Machinery Corporation, Sanneng Bakeware and other indicator manufacturers gather in Bakery Show. The show contains over 80 brand new annual products, including multiple intelligent technology based machines, such as “Desktop Flyhi Oven” from Chuan Chiu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. With only one cup of water, the furnace can make professional steam effect without installing any water pipes.

“3 Axis Ultrasonic Food Cutter” from Strong Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd. is famous for equipping large machine’s efficacy in a smaller size. The cutter better meets the health standard and presents more beautiful cutting surface compare to traditional cutters. Moreover, “Enorobot” froam Vaiuable Advice7 Co., Ltd. can concatenate multiple payments at once to provide customers a more convenient choice. The lowest price will be provided at the scene. Holy Ocean International Ltd. made their “KitchenAid’s” debut at the show.

“KitchenAid” is certified by the United States National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as the business class with a new technology motor PowerCoreR to maintain whipping speed. Also, the new Gradual-speed design keeps the liquid powder mixing steady and hard to splash. Additionally, the Red Dot Design Awarded “"American Microplane Walnut Series Planer” seizes the trend with its modern smooth line on design. The planer will be sold for the first time in Taiwan. There are so much more domestic and foreign selected brands presenting at the scene, offering buyers opportunities to conduct business negotiation and technology exchange with procurement representatives all at once!

Joyful tidings spread from the "Bakery World Cup" held in France in February. The Taiwanese baker Wang Pengjie won the championship in the category of Art of Bread, thus becoming the newest and hottest icon in Taiwan. Wang Pengjie was one of the master bakers in the team led by Wu Paochun, a baking legend hailed as the "Glory of Taiwan."

Taiwan itself is the host of another international baking competition, the "City Bread Championship." This year, the famed event draws top candidates from Taiwan and other countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brazil. The championship is acclaimed as the “Oscar” for the oriental bakery industry; with its match specifications similar to those of the Bakery World Cup and divided into five major categories, including themed bread, world bread, sweet bread, health and nutrition sandwiches, and artistic creation.

In addition, there are other events held during the championship, such as the “Taiwan National Tryouts for the Louis Roosevelt Bread Competition,” and the "Gâteaux Cup Cake Art Competition.” Top bakers from all over Taiwan gather to perform their unique skills at these events. Due to these highlighted competitions among professional bakers, the championship has build up the reputation as a renowned Asian arena for bakery masters.

Taiwanese baking has earned a place on the global map, and the Taipei International Bakery Show has become the Asia-Pacific region’s can’t-miss signature event. This year’s show, featuring six theme pavilions including Equipment, Ingredients / Finished Goods, Bakery Hall of Fame, Coffee, Competition Zone, and Keynote Zone, gathers over 150,000 industry professionals for the year’s biggest baking bash. Catch all the exiting programs and latest technology in person from March 15 - 18 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center!


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