Singapore’s digital future is bright says new report
May 28, 2019

Singapore edges closer to its 2025 Smart Nation vision through digital

Thursday 23rd May 2019, Singapore --( ASIA TODAY )-- A new global study released today by Verint Systems has confirmed Singapore as a digital leader showing digital maturity and actively adopting the latest technology.

The Singapore edition of the global study, CX State of Play in Singapore, carried out in partnership with Opinium Research LLC, found that when compared to Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, Singaporeans are overall more comfortable with technology adoption both in the workplace, and as consumers.

Looking at the channels that customers prefer to use for customer enquiries, 1 in 2 Singaporeans prefer digital or online – particularly online support, web self-service, webchat, web portal, email/SMS and social media, while almost the same number still prefer to speak to someone in person or on the phone suggesting that human contact is still important, but so is online and digital support.

“The increasing expectation that organisations are ‘always-on’ for the consumers presents a challenge in terms of customer engagement,” explains Verint’s Manish Shah, Vice President, Southeast Asia. “Organisations in Singapore are turning to digital solutions to meet increased customer demand, but they must also provide the high-quality experience customers expect – including the ability to engage with a person when needed. It needs to be a truly omni-channel approach, with customers able to switch seamlessly between digital and offline channels” he said.

The study also found that close to 70 per cent of Singapore’s workers said they are willing to try new technologies and ways of working in order to be more efficient or productive in the workplace. This is higher than the report’s global average (63 per cent) and just behind India (76 per cent).

When it comes to the adoption of robots in the workplace, Singapore ranked highly, outperforming Australia (38 per cent vs. 25 per cent) and came in above the global average (36 per cent). Further, 54 per cent of Singaporeans agree that AI and other automated technology help to work more effectively. This is significantly higher than in Japan and Australia and higher than the global average (47 per cent).

More than half of the survey respondents in Singapore (54 per cent) have daily tasks that have already been automated – this is notably higher than in Japan (37 per cent) but still lags behind India (71 per cent). Mr Shah concluded, “Our study shows that Singapore is striding ahead in digital adoption and is carving out a digital future. This is visible by the way consumers interact with brands, opting for a digital customer service and in the way workers favourably view AI and robotic technologies in the workplace. It is wonderful to see Singapore creating hybrid workforces of the future – integrating technology effectively whereby people can benefit in all aspects of life.

“However, there is still progress to be made with some technologies proving to have slower uptake in the customer journey such as personal assistants, AI-driven customer technology and kiosks, especially when compared to India and even Hong Kong. So, to win the digital race, Singapore needs to continue to build and grow on the foundational blocks already set” he said.


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