Singapore watch startup marries business acumen with global engineering ingenuity
Jul 05, 2019

Tanjong Pagar, Singapore- Seköni Original introduces Tidal Moonphase, a thoughtfully designed Moonphase watch for consumers who desire a better standard of watches. A timepiece created enhance all work and weekend outfits, the creation of Tidal Moonphase was made possible by utilizing sustainable business models with international production standards.

“We were frustrated at how reliable watches with good design always had to cost so much, so we decided to change that. Good design isn’t lines thrown on a watch with claims of minimalism when its uninspiringly lazy design. Reliable watches shouldn’t use low quality materials to save costs. Our first product, Tidal Moonphase, has its roots in Singapore. We source our materials from Switzerland, Italy, and locally to create a horologically significant watch that enables wearers to feel confident,” said Bryan Koh, Founder and CEO of Seköni Original.

“Design, prototype, test, and repeat. A year in the making, our product testers love how versatile and striking our watches are. They got a shock when we told them the price we are retailing it at.”

Instead of taking in investments that will shift the focus away from consumers to profit-hungry investors, Seköni Original is starting a crowdfunding campaign and will be offering 30% Early Bird Discounts for their first 225 buyers. At SGD185, their early adopters will receive a Founder’s Edition Tidal Moonphase along with a 5-year warranty on their Swiss movement watch.

“We are often asked why we don’t retail our watches at the prices it can fetch in the current watch market. Our response is simple- market standards should not be the standards of an industry; growth does not happen this way. Seköni Original was created for the people, by the people. Sustainable margins trump large margins when it makes quality more accessible. We hope our reliable watches can improve your confidence through fashion and inspire you to make the most of time. Affordability is one important piece of the puzzle because it makes it accessible.”


Seköni Original (Sekoni Original Pte. Ltd.) is a watch company based in Singapore, founded in 2018 by Bryan Koh. A team of 8 now, Seköni Original introduces Tidal Moonphase to the industry through crowdfunding.

If you would like to learn more about Seköni Original, you can contact Bryan Koh at +65 83334907, or email

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