SMART ASIA Taiwan 2018 to showcase smart city solutions and urban development technology
Jun 11, 2018

Supported by Taichung City Government and co-organized by ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI), SMART ASIA Taiwan 2018 hosted by TAITRA will open with over 100 exhibitors and 200 some booths on 26 - 28 July at Taichung International Exhibition Center.

The main features of SMART ASIA Taiwan 2018 are

  • Smart City Solutions
  • Smart Technology Applications
  • City Development Products / Services

    The exhibition will display key themes for smart city solutions which include AI, IoT, Big Data Analysis, and other technologies that help cities manage their project and services more effectively.

    Main exhibition areas include

  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Long-Term Care
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Energy

    Exhibition Categories

  • Smart Manufacturing: Advanced Sensors / Control / Platforms / Modelingfor Manufacturing, Machine Vision (MV), Smart Machinery, 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing(AM), Industrial Robot, Industrial Automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cyber-Physical System (CPS), System of Systems (SoS), Smart Storage, and more.

  • Smart Transportation: Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Advanced Traffic Management Services (ATMS), Advanced Traveler Information Service (ATIS), Electronic Payment System & Electronic Toll Collection (EPS & ETC), Emergency Management Services (EMS), Commercial Vehicle Operation Services (CVOS), Information Management Services (IMS), Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Services (AVCSS), Smart Parking Solution, Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), Public Bike Sharing, and more.

  • Smart Long-Term Care: Telemedicine, Telecare, Healthcare / Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Photo Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Clinical Information Management Systems (CIMS), Automated Medication Management System, Wearable Medical Device-Service System, Medical Robotics, Smart Mattress, RFID Technology, and more.

  • Smart Buildings: Smart Lighting Solutions, Solar Power System, Access Control System, Energy Management, Door & Window Sensors, Smart IR Remote Control, Thermostat Control System, Indoor Camera Monitoring, Appliance Control, Smoke Sensor, Door Access, Motion Detection, and more.

  • Smart Energy: Smart Solar Power Solutions, Smart Street LED Lighting, Smart Industrial Lighting, Smart Grid, Smart Water / Electric Metering, Green Energy Commodities, Smart Motor, Energy Efficiency Management, Smart Energy Management System (EMS), and more.

  • Others: Demonstration of Cities / Institute / Start-up / Industry-Academic Cooperation Achievements in Smart City.

    Potential buyers and exhibitors from 18 countries have registered to attend this event.

    Potential exhibitors include Taichung city government, Shuinan economic and trade park, Taoyuan city government, H.P.B. Optoelectronics, SkyEyes GPS Technologym, ADAS Mobile Tech, Taiwan Secom, National Chiao Tung University-System on Chip, National Taiwan University-Advanced Public Transportation, Tron-e Technology, E-lead Electronics, Mobiletron, XING Mobility, System Integrators (such as Dassault Systèmes, SIEMENS, Philips, Honeywell), THALES, 7Starlake, ENERCON Taiwan, Grundfos Taiwan, etc.

    Government officials and contractors of government projects from various countries such as Russia, Brazil and Nicaragua have expressed strong interest in visiting the trade show.

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    Press Coordinator: Ms. Joanna Liang Ext. 2767
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