Sourcing the Hottest IR Products and Tech for Epidemic at China's Only Infrared Exhibition
Apr 26, 2020

Shenzhen, China --( ASIA TODAY )-- Since the outbreak of COVID-19, infrared technologies have played a more pivotal role for China and around the world to combat the pandemic to which fever is a common symptom of coronavirus infection. Therefore, the main entrances of railway stations, airports, office buildings, and other public places have been fully installed with infrared thermal imaging devices, infrared thermometers, body temperature detection system and screening systems. The infrared thermal imaging system can capture the body temperature of a mass people traffic flow in real time without a human contact and alert the staff as soon as the abnormal temperature is displayed on the monitoring screen or found by the system. At the same time, the accuracy of the real-time infrared can be controlled between 0.3℃ and 0.5℃. Obviously, the infrared technologies can prevent the cross-infection and quickly locate the potential cases of infection.

Thus, the increasing demands of infrared products and services all round the world can be expected in the coming future for COVID-19 detection. With the market driven down the cost of the components and technologies, it's also the appropriate timing for infrared companies to upgrade their IR products against the coronavirus. It is also the mature timing for public places like airports, subways, schools, manufacturing factories and office buildings to deploy the temperature screening systems which will be necessities for ensuring normal orders.

CIOE 2020 – Infrared Applications Expo is known as the first and the only professional infrared exhibition in China will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center from September 9 to 11, 2020 It will be the ideal exhibition to source IR technologies and products ranging from the infrared material and components, infrared thermal imaging technologies and devices to THz monitoring and imaging, etc.

Manufacturers from China and all over the world will showcase the effective devices fighting against COVID-19. Global leading infrared enterprises such as GUIDE INFRARED, HIKVISION, THORLABS, THALES, LYNRED, DALI, SAT, JIR, GRIEOM, IP-OPTICS, CETC, RICOM, ULIRVISION, SUNELL, SYSUMBOY, KEII, Newport, PULSAR, etc. will gather in Hall 1 of CIOE 2020.

Also, the international executive forum Machine Vision & IR for Industry Forum 2020, co-organized by Yole and CIOE, will focus on thermal imaging technologies and machine vision. Numbers of professional speakers from leading infrared companies such as Teledyne, Lynered, FLIR, ADA Sky, Mistubishi, Panasonic, Excelitas will be invited to share their innovative insights in the thermography, surveillance, personal vision systems, firefighting and factory automation, etc.

All in all, there is no excuse to miss this extraordinary chance to meet potential business partners, collect the latest industry information, and source hottest infrared technologies and products at CIOE 2020. Register now for your free admission to begin the one-stop sourcing trip.

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