South Korea’s Top Family Creator, Bgeul Bubu, Establishes a US$850,000 Social Charity Foundation
Sep 22, 2020

21 September 2020, Seoul – Leading Korean family influencer Bgeul Bubu, exclusively represented by Gushcloud announces the establishment of their social contribution foundation, ‘Happy Cross’ to support specific causes that the family is passionate about.

The foundation aims to work alongside large private and public companies to support social causes, such as orphan welfare, underprivileged widows and children with opportunities, and support towards single mothers and low income people in desperate need for social welfare help. It aims to target three main areas in its journey: supporting the development of social ventures and charities to benefit the less fortunate, supporting underprivileged members of society so they may reach their full potential, and to create opportunities for members to give back in the future.

Hwang Tae-han, better known as @Hajunn_Papa with more than 250,000 fans on Instagram and co-founder of “Happy Cross’ Foundation says, “We believe that it is our duty to help those in need, as well as to speak up and bring attention to important issues using our platform.” He added, “We will be entering a joint venture with global medical company, Medi Futures, to build this foundation that will access people’s needs better and assist in their overall health and well-being.”

Setting up a charity foundation has always been part of Bgeul Bubu’s roadmap. This vision was accelerated, following the tragic loss of their second child earlier this June 2020. The couple decided to set up a foundation to use it as a vehicle to operate the family’s charity and welfare activities in a professional and efficient manner. Last year, the family donated over USD250,000 from their income as content creators and influencers to single mothers, elderly folk, and children.

“Influencers today must understand the impact their actions have towards the millions of people that are watching them daily. I have always advocated for good alongside top musicians and celebrities. Bguel Bubu as a couple, despite having just gone through the painful experience of losing their younger child, yet can create a positive action of developing a USD850,000 foundation is an admirable act of courage that all influencers and content creators should emulate. In today’s day and age, brands and audiences also care about if their influencers are doing good for society. .” said Russell Simmons, President of Gushcloud.

Media Contact
Joel Lim