Students’ Innovative Bin Designs to Change our Disposable Culture
Jan 14, 2018

Students from the University of East London (UEL) will be presenting their final submissions for the BinForGreenSeas Project next Wednesday 17th January at 1130 hrs at the Knowledge Dock kd.1.27, at the UEL campus, University Way, London E16 2RD.

The 11 designs submitted by the year 1 Product Design Students are part of a collaboration with the charity GreenSeas Trust, to help reduce the mountain of an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic debris which enters our oceans each year. The design objective was to create a bin that is not only functional but also a work of art to change people's attitudes towards litter, particularly plastics.

Andrew Wright, Senior Lecturer at UEL said, "We wanted to encourage thoughtfulness through design. To use design thinking to combat the ecological plight of the sea, and aim to change human behaviour using their creative skills."

The judging criteria will be on originality, effectiveness, educational, practicality, serviceability and scalability.

Fazilette Khan, Founding Trustee of the charity said, "We are very excited to reach this milestone on the final bin designs. Changing behavioural attitudes towards marine litter and plastics in particular is a challenging undertaking. We are certain that one of these unconventional designs will tick all the boxes and in a visual way influence beach goers to put their rubbish in the bins and recycle whenever possible."

Arun District Council and Biffa, whose municipal division handles local waste, are supporting the project. GreenSeas Trust is seeking sponsorship to produce these specially designed bins for the beaches around the UK coast.

GreenSeas Trust has worked on other projects at home and abroad to reduce plastic pollution in the sea and raise awareness about the issue. More information here

GreenSeas Trust was established in memory of Haida Khan who loved the sea with a passion. Fazilette Khan, her daughter was until recently, a seafarer and feel passionate about protecting oceans and marine life within it.

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