TAICCA Presenting the Best of Taiwan Cinema at Cannes Festival's Online Marche du Film
Jun 28, 2020

TAIPEI, June 28, 2020 -- Due to the pandemic, the 73rd Cannes Film Festival transformed its highly anticipated film market to the online Marche du Film, starting from June 22 to 26. Seizing the opportunity to present Taiwan's content industry to the world, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) has set up a virtual Taiwan Cinema Pavilion to join a publisher- producer matchmaking session and participate in the Cannes XR program.

The Taiwan Cinema Pavilion will showcase more than 80 Taiwanese films at the online Marche du Film, marking their debut at an international film market. Some outstanding works include "My Missing Valentine" by Yu-Hsun CHEN, and a zombie comedy featuring Taiwan's parliament, "Get The Hell Out" by new director I-Fan WANG.

Also featured are two films representing different kinds of breakthroughs: "I WeirDo" by Far East Film Festival nominated director Ming-Yi LIAO, is the first Taiwanese movie filmed on an iPhone; as well as "Acting Out of Love" directed by Taiwanese comedic actor Ken LIN, debuting for the first time at a film market on the Marche du Film official site.

Additionally, TAICCA is excited to take published works from Taiwan to the Cannes Festival "Shoot the Book!", an international initiative for film adaptations of books, for the first time. TAICCA has selected several works from this year's Books from Taiwan recommended books for translation to showcase during the networking event, including author Kevin CHEN's new work "Ghost of a Place" By participating in these networking events, TAICCA hopes to build a strong global presence for Taiwanese content and open up more opportunities for international audiovisual co-production.

In recent years, Taiwan has emerged as a key player in VR content and is excited to partner with Cannes Festival's XR Day Program. More details will be announced on June 22 on the series of events highlighting Taiwan's immersive content.

Marche du Film: https://www.marchedufilm.com/
Festival de Cannes | Shoot the book: https://www.marchedufilm.com/programs/shoot-the-book/
Taiwan Cinema Pavilion: http://taiwancinema.taicca.tw/cannes

Source: Taiwan Creative Content Agency