Taipei Music Conference 2019 stimulated innovative ideas
Nov 08, 2019

Production team for MUSE's album and tour sharing the keys to crossover integration

How can pop music break its stereotypical production and performance concepts and use multidimensional creativity to increase value? With two events, Taipei Music Conference 2019 set a creative and meaningful milestone.

The conference was advised by the Ministry of Culture, organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, and Taipei Music Center, and implement-ed by B'in Live. On Oct. 8, Namie Amuro's 2018 final tour production team presented "Catalyzing Creativity: Creating a Shared Memory for This Generation." Then, on Oct. 22, Creative Director of Metaform.Studio, Jesse Lee Stout, who helped build MUSE's "Simulation Theory" album and the world tour, and Sooner Routhier, Founder of Sooner Rae Creative, lighting designer of the world tour, shared their insights. The penal discussion following the keynote invited Taiwanese creative curator Johnason Lo (founder of JL Design) as a panelist. Johnason is the pioneer of Taiwan's motion design and the four-times director of visual design for Golden Melody Awards and Golden Horse Awards 2019. Hosted by Siva Yuan, the two internationally renowned speakers and Johnason shared the keys and elements to producing a world-class show. The event was very interactive. Since Jesse and Sooner have cooperated multi-ple times, they shared their experiences as well as deconstructed the creation of ide-as. The event profoundly benefited Taiwan-based pop music professionals.

Crossover Creativity Integration - Jesse Lee Stout sharing multidimensional design concepts

Jesse, Creative Director of Metaform.Studio has not only cooperated with MUSE, but also designed live performance and visuals for Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Rihan-na, G.E.M., etc. His unique aesthetic and unbelievable imagination extended music multidimensionally, like album packaging, music video, interactive multimedia, and even VR games. Jesse talked about his innovation attempts in different fields and analyzed the critical logic in creativity integration.

Jesse started by talking about the reason for establishing Metaform.Studio. On top of tours, he likes multidimensional designing and producing better. Reaching coherence in record theme, music video, packaging, and visual design is the key to perfecting the design. "You can be wild in coming up with ideas. However, as the person inte-grating all elements, I often need to tune all possibilities to a perfect balance and turning them into reality." Jesse shared his experience being the creative director for MUSE's "Simulation Theory." Beginning from MUSE's original concepts, he defined the overall design concepts - simulating the past in the future. He better defined the ideas and made the details more explicit. Jesse also encourages everyone, saying, "Creative design is a spotlight, allowing the beauty and the uniqueness of the per-formers to be seen and be captured in the audience's heart."

The magician of light - Sooner Routhier uses lighting design to express emotions

The other speaker, Sooner Routhier, founder of Sooner Rae Creative, has cooperated with Bon Jovi, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Halsey, etc. Sooner also won the Parnelli Awards, known as the most important live performance award in the world, for light-ing design in 2015. She analyzed her career, which shows her deep passion for light-ing design and professionalism that facilitates performers to express.

For Imagine Dragons' "Smoke + Mirrors" tour, her design incorporated smoke and mirrors, which elevated the quality but increased the difficulty in presenting flawlessly. She was determined to "break all limitations" that drove her to create a vast square space with lasers. The illusion created by lasers and mirrors became an important twist for the concert that completed the narrative of the show. Besides working with performances focusing on singers, Sooner is also experienced in instrumental and film music concerts. She cooperated with a famous composer — Ramin Djawadi, on HBO "Game of Thrones" world tour. Through the realistic stages set resembling "Game of Thrones" and the performance of the orchestra, Sooner built a unique ex-perience for the audience to relive the story.

The dialogue between music and visuals - discovering the possibilities of designing

The last session was the panel discussion. The two speakers and Johnason started by talking about their professions respectively and then explored different options at live performance settings. Johnason spoke his thoughts about innovative technologies like VR. "Creativity is not piling up technologies, but to have a good narrative." He mentioned that having a well-structured story is more important than using new technology. Having the audience feel something is the goal of creativity, and "asking the right question" is the key to extract creativity. Using Golden Melody Awards as an example, Johnason mentioned the award is the meeting point for the pop music in-dustry. He felt that the most important question lies in how to honor musicians and to connect the industry with design.

Taipei Music Conference 2019 focused on music production and innovative thoughts on live performance. The first week, "Catalyzing Creativity: Creating a Shared Memory for This Generation," introduced the production, design, and marketing integration of Namie Amuro's final tour "namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~." The second week, "Crossover Integration: Creating a Future Beyond Imagination," deconstructed the multidimensional concepts of MUSE's "Simulation Theory," from album design to tour production. Both events were tailored to Taiwan-based professionals' needs. Through the event and case studies, Taiwanese professionals can have extensive dis-cussions with top creative teams in the world. Department of Cultural Affairs men-tioned that they expect Taipei Music Center can gather elites through the conference so that more ideas can be stimulated to push Taiwan forward. For more information, please visit the official page or fan page of Taipei Music Center

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