TAITRA Launching Integrated Online Exhibition Services Amid COVID-19
May 31, 2020

Due to the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, TAITRA has postponed or cancelled its international tradeshows in the first half of 2020, to abide by the government regulation and to care for all participants' well-being. Meanwhile, to minimize the impact on the change of schedules, TAITRA is to launch a series of Online Exhibition Services (OES) that generate new business opportunities for international and Taiwanese businesses. Focusing on 17 Taiwan International tradeshows, the services launched by TAITRA include:

Online Exhibitions

TAITRA is launching Online Exhibitions for the tradeshows affected by the pandemic. They are scheduled to be launched on the opening days of the tradeshows, enabling exhibitors to setup online stores and digital catalogues, and buyers may place orders through Taiwantrade.com or the Taiwan International Tradeshows website. VR showrooms will also be launched for the 2020 Taipei Cycle design & innovation awards, as well as the TaiSPO All Star awards on May 15, where buyers will be able to take detailed looks at product exhibits in a 360 degree virtual environment.

Match-Making Services

International buyers are invited by TAITRA's 63 overseas branch offices to participate in Online Match-Making meetings. This branch of the OES provides precise match making services to international buyers. The service began with Taipei AMPA on April 16, and 5 additional sessions are already planned for May and June.

International Webinars

TAITRA will be holding webinars that focus on the 4 major export industries of Taiwan: auto parts, food products, bicycles, and ICT. Industry experts from Europe, America and Southeast Asia are invited to give in-depth talks analyzing the opportunities and challenges arising from the pandemic. The webinars are schedule to air on the Taiwan International Tradeshows YouTube channel and the official websites of the tradeshows, as well as social media in May and June.

New Product Launch Events

International buyers are invited to follow the online product launch events featuring the latest products from Taiwan companies participating in Taipei Cycle, TaiSPO, Taipei AMPA, COMPUTEX Taipei, Taiwan International Beauty Show, and MEDICAL Taiwan. Video clips promoting the new products will be uploaded to the Taiwan International Tradeshows YouTube channel and the official websites of the tradeshows, as well as social media.

Taiwan International Tradeshow Reports

In-depth analysis and reports will be made available online featuring Taiwan's bicycle, auto parts, machinery, medical, and ICT industries. The reports will be covered by industry experts and focus on analyzing the opportunities and challenges arising from the pandemic, as well as insights into the latest trends at each of the 5 major corresponding Taiwan International Tradeshows.

*** For Taiwan International Tradeshows, see: https://www.taiwantradeshows.com.tw/en_US/index.html