Taiwan Excellence Pavilion Participated in the Thailand Innovation & Design Expo
Dec 22, 2016

Taiwan Excellence participated in the Thailand Innovation & Design Expo (TIDE) for the second time. Taiwan Excellence joined TIDE two years ago, and received a lot positive feedback among the visitors. This year, Taiwan Excellence brought back more innovative and excellent products.

All the products on display in the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion have won the Taiwan Excellence award. The Taiwan Excellence Award is a great honor for Taiwanese brands. Every year, hundreds of brands compete with their products to win the award. The winning brands must be superior in R&D, design, quality and marketing.

This time, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion displayed several eye-catching products, including from the world leading ICT brand, ASUS. They will showcase their latest smartphone, the ZenFone 3. With its signature case that has a concentric-circular pattern on it and precision-sculpted glass on both sides, the ZenFone 3 looks elegant. The ZenFone 3‘s exclusive TriTech auto-focus technology allows the camera to focus in 0.03 seconds. The ZenFone 3 enables the users to capture their most wonderful moments anytime, anywhere. Another special product is Aver’s video conferencing solution, the EVC950. With the EVC950, users can join the conference from their PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. The EVC950 ensures that everyone can join important conferences from any location. Visitors can also experience Johnson’s Matrix T7xi treadmill. The T7xi enhanced the durability of the running board to last for 40,000 kilometers (equal to running around the equator). It also combines videos, music, and a virtual trainer. Johnson’s T7xi makes exercise fun and easy. The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion will also display the world’s only waterfall phalaenopsis. One stem of the phalaenopsis can grow more than 30 flowers.

After the new presidential administration came to power, Taiwan is looking forward to seeking a closer relationship with Thailand, both on trade and culture. Mr. Wu-Chiao Hsieh, the representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, said that “Thailand is the 10th largest trading partner of Taiwan, also, Taiwan is Thailand’s 3rd largest source of investment, after the United States and Japan.” He continued by saying he would like to see Taiwan and Thailand have further cooperation in the coming years. He also welcomes Thai consumers and representatives from different industries to visit the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion to try out new products from Taiwan and see the new trends taking place in a number of sectors.

Ariel Sun(arielsun@taitra.org.tw)

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