Taiwan Jewellery Show 2018: Changes in jewellery sector could open new opportunities for players
Nov 13, 2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Nov. 13, 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Taiwan premiere jewellery international exhibition, Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair 2018, has concluded on 5th November at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1. The trade show attracted 9,407 visits from 22 regions and countries, including USA, Canada, China, Japan, India, Malaysia and Philippines. The 2019 edition will be held from 15-18 November, 2019, announced the organiser UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch.

The jewellery industry is facing a significant shift and suffering from its impact after De Beers disclosed its expansion on lab-grown diamond business. It has triggered a tense atmosphere in the diamond market and moreover, the spill-over effect caused by the US-China trade war dented consumption and dragging down the jewellery industry in Asia, remarked Ms. Sabine Liu, General Manager of UBM Taiwan. "The re-conversion and a big change amid jewellery supply chains can be foreseen, while most of the loose stone vendors also showcased jewellery pieces to reach a 'win-win' solution. This bilateral intention is obvious and believed to be a normal state in the recent years," she highlighted.

Investment Outlook

A rare 124.00-carat no oil emerald displayed by Jurassic Inc., a Taiwan renowned colour diamond company, is the most attention-grabbing piece amongst all. It is a limited edition, weighted second to the one with 169.00-carat auctioned in 2015. The rate of discovering a blue diamond remained one in 200,000. Not only the source of new mining is not yet discovered, but also the yields of global gemstone mining are steeply declining, stated Richard Li, General Manager of Jurassic Inc.

He also encouraged the connoisseur collectors to invest on Argyle pink diamonds, brown diamonds and grey diamonds while offering prices are still friendly, since they have boomed in popularity for international auction houses in recent years. "We don't worry synthetic diamonds will seriously impact consumptions of colour diamonds. After all, they are targeting two different markets," said Richard Li. A 3.00-carat fancy vivid pink diamond was sold for the highest price during the exhibition period, exceeded US$140,000, and had been confirmed to break the record last year.

On the other hand, the collection of 'Koi Carps and Lotus' brooch and 'Swimming Koi' ring presented by Liangher, an 80-year founded art jewellery corporate, displayed a remarkable craftsmanship creation and technique. The showpieces adopted basic machine theory to allow the adjustment of the koi carps swimming towards and backwards. This brilliant artwork has attracted international auction company and will open the bid in the middle of 2019. Meanwhile, Liangher also debuted the latest collection 'Tiger Diamond' during the show to drive aggressive buying.

Red Waves

According to the post-show report, the suppliers of loose stone grew 35% this year and over 70% of them came from ASEAN countries. Customization has become the ongoing trends and many tourists from Greater China are mostly interested in ruby and red spinel, which buoyed the vendors' exploration in Taiwan business opportunities, commented by exhibitors SP Gems and Thida Gems from Myanmar. A 10.45-carat Burma non-treated star ruby, exhibited by Thida Gems, had received the most enquiries at the show.

This year, coral is bejewelled as a main gemstone in many showpieces that can be seen at the area of contemporary jewellery designers, such as Wang Chin Lin, Bunrei Umehara and Chang Hsiu Jan. The designers urged the legality of using coral jewellery and coral reef conservation by retaining its original shape to design the jewellery pieces. In addition, new designers, Huang Wei Lin, Chang Chun Ting and Fancy Chang, presented their artworks with delicate inspiration in pave and setting techniques, which had also won a great reputation.

With the Taipei Jewellery Workshop Union's support, the 4th edition of Craftsmanship Competition Award Ceremony was held at Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair 2018. The contest theme was "Treasure Taiwan" and the goldsmith winner of the year went to Mr. Su Yu Chang. Yu-Shieh Hsu, Department of Labor, Taipei City Government Commissioner attended the ceremony to award the certificate to the winners.

In comparison to 2017 exhibition, the sixth edition of Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair has shown a 10% increase in the number of foreign visitors and 38% growth of local buyers collectively. There are 27 domestic and overseas companies signing the rebooking contract and 50 booths were sold out before the show closed, in which they came from Taiwan, Japan, Poland, and Hong Kong.

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