TANAKA Expands FC Catalyst Production Capacity
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Jul 10, 2018

- 7x current capacity will meet future demand from China and Europe

The TANAKA KIKINZOKU GROUP has announced a major expansion of its Fuel Cell Catalyst Development Center at the Shonan Plant in Kanagawa Prefecture, operated by TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO, the manufacturing business entity of the TANAKA GROUP. TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO already commands the top global share in the fuel cell catalyst market, but will increase production capacity seven-fold with its freshly enlarged FC Catalyst Development Center.

With an investment of 4 billion yen, the new buildings are adjacent to the existing Center, with some 3,000 square meters for production facilities combined with new shipping and warehouse facilities. As a result, TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO will be able to provide stable supplies of electrode catalyst in response to rising demand for precious metal electrode catalysts, having grown in tandem with expanding fuel cell markets and facilitating development of a hydrogen society. Scheduled for completion on July 18, the new Center moves to full-scale operation in January 2019.

China recently announced its support for developing hydrogen energy for fuel cell vehicles as a strategic industry, while the city of Shanghai announced a subsidy plan for purchasing fuel cell vehicles and the establishment of R&D facilities. The global move away from diesel vehicles is accelerating in Europe, and there are development areas for new transportation including hydrogen-powered trains, marine craft and unmanned or connected vehicles. The question of global demand for fuel cells and electrode catalyst shows no signs of slowing, for which TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO sought an answer.

TANAKA will maintain a stable supply of fuel cell electrode catalysts into the future, while focusing on its research and development program as well. As the leading provider of precious metal fuel cell catalysts for more than a half-century, TANAKA will continue to contribute responsibly to the wider adoption of fuel cells and the development of a hydrogen-based society.

TANAKA's Fuel Cell Electrode Catalysts

TANAKA's FC Catalyst Development Center develops and manufactures electrode catalysts for 'polymer electrolyte fuel cells' (PEFCs). PEFCs are an exciting new technology, used in household 'ENE FARM' fuel cells and in fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). However PEFC use is expected to expand to grow to the fields of industrial machinery, such as FC forklifts, and commercial vehicles, such as FC buses.

PEFC is a small, lightweight, high-power, and new environmentally-friendly technology that uses the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO combined precious metal catalytic technology, and electrochemical technologies cultivated over the years, to have developed a highly-active platinum catalyst for cathode (air electrode), and a platinum alloy catalyst resistant to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning for anode (fuel electrodes).


The TANAKA KIKINZOKU GROUP consists of 30 companies, namely 6 domestic and 24 overseas companies, led by TANAKA HOLDINGS. As a group of precious metals specialist covering various fields focus on precious metals, we correspond to the needs of each customer by deploying a high level of services through close partnership and well-established system.

Core companies of the TANAKA GROUP:

-- Metalor Technologies International SA

Learn about TANAKA at http://www.tanaka.co.jp/english or see Industrial Products at http://pro.tanaka.co.jp/en.

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