Thailand NB-IoT Ecosystem Summit pacing to construct a more open platform and to develop a common business industrial ecosystem today
May 03, 2018

The “Thailand NB-IoT Ecosystem Summit” was held on April 28, 2018 in Bangkok. The summit primarily focused on the global NB-IoT industry development trend sharing, Thailand's NB-IoT industry ecosystem, vertical industry demand, and other topics which might stimulate the needs from the Thailand industries. Introduction of IOT device partners, recruiting local agents and system integrators to promote possible application for the local NB- IoT capability enablement to enterprises which also helped the rapid development and prosperity of NB-IoT industry in Thailand.

The summit was hosted by TSA (Thai Security Association), presided by Mr. Korn Dabbaransi ( former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, former Minister of Science and Technology, President of Thai-Chinese Friendship Association ). Dr. Pansak Siriruchatapong (Vice Minister of Digital Economy ), Dr. Passakon Prathombutr ( Vice President of Digital Economy Promotion Organization ) participated and delivered their honorable speeches in the summit. About 400 attendees and representatives were coming from Huawei, Quectel (Module Manufacturer), Fuzhou Internet of Things Lab, Mobike, Vcom, HotThink, Tactus, NB-IoT partners, as well as the Representatives from Thai Ministry of Defense, Thai Police Department, Bangkok Police Department, Government agencies such as Chiangmai, Samut Prakarn, Surat Thani, Khon Kaen, and Betong. Key representatives of scientific institutions, such as the Thai Academy of Sciences, Thailand's CAT Telecom, Asian Institute of Technology, and the Bangkok Innovation Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Thailands Internet of Things Association, the China IoT Industry Application Alliance, Asia Pacific Security Association, Thai Apartment Developers Association, ASEAN Logistics Association, Thailand Tourism Association, Thai Hotel Association, and other industry associations, manufacturers, and integrators also attended this important event.

Mr. Korn Dabbaransi (Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand) gave a welcome speech and gave full affirmation and profound expectations for the development of NB-IoT technology for Thailand.

Dr. Passakon Prathombutr (vice president of digital economic promotion agency) pointed out: “The NB-IoT as a 3GPP international standard communication technology will be widely deployed and applied in Thailand very shortly. I am very pleased to hold this NB-IoT Ecosystem Summit today, inviting industrial experts, equipment manufacturers, terminal partners and different vertical industrial owners joined hands in exploring IoT solutions and to enable Thailand's smart city and smart life possible. DE (Digital Society and Economics Department) emphasized the importance of NB-IoT's industrial development, NB-IoT will play an important role in Thailand's digital transformation process and to leverage THAILAND 4.0 development.

Dr. Pansak Siriruchatapong (Deputy Minister of Digital Society and Economics Department) stated: “The era of IoT has already come, and will not only simply change our people lives, but also bring a profound innovation and transformation to all of our daily life. The wide application of NB-IoT technology will greatly accelerate the foundation and construction of smart cities in Thailand”

Mr.Phatcharadhan Phonakkarawat (Huawei technical expert) introduced the status quo of the development of NB-IoT global industrial chain, and pointed out that NB-IoT is the key for operators to enter into the smart cities market, and share Huawei's GLocal ecological strategic deployment and development goals of cooperation, opening and win-win. During the summit, Huawei also exhibited a variety of NB-IoT commercial terminals suitable for Thai applications, and provided a remote experience for commercial deployment of NB-IoT services, attracted to many participants' great interest, consultants and experiencers in an endless stream.

Mr. Tony Yang (President of the Thai Security Association) believed that this summit could deliver through deep technical exchanges and exhibition of excellent products, establish a better Thailand NB-IoT Ecosystem,and helping enterprises to develop NB-IoT terminal products. By doing this, it could meet the needs of the industry quickly, and promote the overall improvement and upgrading the industry supply chain of the NB-IoT with technology and products as the great guidance. As a host of this summit, Mr Yang was very pleased and honored to see this conference happened with great result.

In the summit, the Thai Security Association united with the Innovation Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Bangkok and the China IoT Alliance Organization signed NB-IOT strategic cooperation agreement with Betong city.

With the government and industry's attention and promotion, IoT applications based on NB-IoT expected will be widely deployed and applied in Thailand in the nearest future. Let us keep paying attention to the development of rapid Thailand's NB-IoT industry!

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