THEKEY reaches Cooperation on Research of Security Supervision Mechanism of Social Security Data Socialization
Feb 23, 2018

BEIJING, Feb. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On Feb 12 2018 morning, representatives of THEKEY, China Social Insurance Association (henceforth referred to as CSIA), China Unicom and Tsinghua Unigroup gathered together in the headquarters of THEKEY to sign the Cooperation Agreement during the opening ceremony of the Research of Security Supervision Mechanism of Social Security Data Socialization. Afterwards, all the parties had an in-depth discussion on the development and the implementation of this project.

This cooperation of the four parties aims to promote and explore the practice of socialization of the social security data in the commercial insurance industry by implementing BDMI (blockchain based dynamic multi-dimension identification) technology. Under the supervision and guidance of CSIA, the four parties reached the agreement on the issues including 1) How to improve the social security level of the insured through exploration and practice and 2) How to explore the security standard and supervision mechanism of the social security data in the application scenarios of commercial insurance, finance, credit investigation and the Internet, all under the premise of information security.

THEKEY, entrusted by CSIA as the project leader, will jointly draw up the socialization application of social security data with the other parties, based on the professional understanding of the Human Resource & Social Security business and the practical experience of the socialization of social security data implemented in the regions. Currently, THEKEY has several pilot cities of DMI (dynamic multi-dimension identification) which are connecting personal identity data of 210 million people in 66 cities, and all authenticated by the relevant government authorities on a real-time basis. This lays an extremely solid foundation for the research.

All parties will make the overall arrangements in accordance with the progress of the project, and gradually implement and regularly organize periodic reports and make further deployments for the next step.

THEKEY's participation in the cooperation of the Security Supervision Mechanism of Social Security Data Socialization has great significance, since this project is a pioneering exploration of social security data in the field of security. And with the joint efforts and combined wisdom, the four parties will ultimately make remarkable achievements and provide valuable proposals to make a breakthrough in the industry.

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