TODAY: Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Exhibition Opens at Taiwan Design Museum
Dec 02, 2017

November 30th, 2017 - Taipei, Taiwan --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Exhibition opens at Taiwan Design Museum, on December 1st, showcasing Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2017 Design Mark winners and Finalists.

The Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Exhibition is curated by SKID, Creative Director of ‘an branding’ in Taipei. “Hui” (Convergence) is the theme of the exhibition; following the lead of Bito Studio’s Director Keng-Ming Liu, who created the identity of the 2017 Grand Ceremony, Key Visual, and video.

This year, nearly three-thousand designs were entered into the Golden Pin Design Award and only 455 received the coveted 2017 Design Mark. Just 72 finalists — from China, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, and Germany — were selected from those. Only around twenty of those will win the 2017 Best Design award.

Over four-thousand design concepts were entered into the 2017 Golden Pin Concept Design Award. Just six of them made it into the finals, all of which are on display at the exhibition. Amongst the design works on display are this year’s Best Design winners, which will be unveiled at the Grand Ceremony next week.

The Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Exhibition will be open to the public until February 25th. Tickets for the Taiwan Design Museum can be purchased at the Pin Store, next to Café Sole.

When: Friday, December 1st, 2017 - February 25th, 2018 (Tuesday - Sunday, 9.30am - 5.30pm)
Where: Songshan Cultural & Creative Park — Taiwan Design Museum
Address: No. 133, South Guangfu Road, Xinyi District, Taipei (台北市信義區光復南路133號)

Tung-Jung (David) Sung PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Taiwan Design Center

“Golden Pin Design Award has entered its 37th year,” says Tung-Jung (David) Sung, CEO of Taiwan Design Center. “Golden Pin Design Award is dedicated to developing the world’s most influential huaren design platform, discovering the most innovative designs. Thank you very much to the designers, manufacturers, and everyone involved. Your en-thusiasm and passion gives meaning to the Golden Pin Design Award.”

Keng-Ming Liu, Director of Bito Studio

"This is the second time in two years that I have worked on the Golden Pin Design Award ceremony,” says Keng-Ming Liu, Director of Bito. “This time we are not just trying to tell a story, but we are creating a more dynamic, experimental, visual experience. Our key visual for the Grand Ceremony is very suggestive; many people think it resembles an ocean wave, a lotus leaf, or waves of light in the darkness. Experience is more powerful than a story because it brings back memories and feelings from long ago.”

Statement from the curator — SKID, Creative Director of ‘an branding’

“As curator for the Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Exhibition, I attempt to disseminate live, vivid messages in the space, through the medium of interaction — between people and the design exhibits,” says SKID, the exhibition cura-tor, and Creative Director of ‘an branding’.

“The exhibition begins with the Golden Pin Design Award 2017 Best Design trophy. Then, through the convergence of translucent tubing that encircles the space with a range of flowing channels, people are lead to the design exhibits. Peo-ple are the medium, connecting the now and the future of design and lifestyle. I designed the exhibition space to create a nonstop present tense experience, communicating the concept of convergence between people and design. All design works in the exhibition are about real people and real life happenings.”

Designers at the 2017 Exhibition

Twenty-five Design Mark winners, whose works are on display, attended today’s exhibition opening event:
• Sean Yu — Designer at 22 Design, ‘4th Dimension Mechanical Watch’ (Product design)
• Luo Chengxuan — Designer at Techman Robot, ‘TM5’ (Product design)
• Li Yue’an — Designer at Asus, ‘ROG Strix Fusion’ (Product design)
• Chuang Chin-Chia — Project Manager at TreAsia Design, ‘TA+D Fiber’ (Product design)
• Chichi Lin — Marketing Manager at Seed Design, ‘China LED’ (Product design)
• Huang Peishan — Design Director at Aeon Motor Innovation Design Center, ‘AEON 3D-350’ (Product design)
• Lu Xuan — Brand Manager, and Finn Lee — Designer at 25togo Design, ‘Oribagu’ (Product design)
• Cai Huirou — Designer at Silicon Power Computer & Communications, ‘Armor A75’ (Product design)
• Huang Tzu-Yuan — Design Director at Hearty, ‘QDY Mag’ (Visual Communication design)
• Zhang Yancheng — Designer at Dicas Metal, ‘The Spoon, Fork, and Knife’ (Product design)
• Chen Mu-Tien and Zhang Bowei — Co-founders of Aestheticell Association, ‘Aesthetic Book’ (Product design)
• Yi-Hsuan Lin — Designer at YIH Wood Studio, ‘Frame Stool’ (Product design)
• Joanne Chen — Creative Director at Hey Sheng Chi Si, ‘WAYOU’ (Product design)
• Li Kuncong — Manager at Kuo Yuen Ye Foods, ‘Sweet Time - Kuo Yuen Ye 150th Anniversary Gift Box’ (Packag-ing design)
• Leslie Chan — Founder of Leslie Chan Design, ‘RADO - WDC 2016’ (Product design)
• Jia-Sheng Liu — Product Designer at Kiwico, ‘Mugr’, ‘Rule/One’, and ‘HMM Scissors’ (Product design)
• I-Chan Su— Designer at UID Create, ‘29th Summer Universiade Taipei 2017 Commemorative Token’ (Packaging design)
• Tony Ma — Business Development Director at Lead Trend Branding, ‘Minimal Design - Cable Holder Series’ (Prod-uct design)
• Lance Han — Design Director at DOT Design, ‘Chosen Tea 1868 - Taiwanese Tea Series’ (Packaging design)
• Gelresai Chen — Designer, and Vita Huang — Director at Activator Marketing, ‘Sangpuy’s Work 2016 - Yaangad’ (Packaging design)
• Yen Hong-Lin — Designer at 11 Architecture, Yi-Chang-Ming-Pien (Product design)
• Kris Tseng — Designer at Jie Yu Creative, ‘Maglev Diffuser’ (Product design)
• William Wang — Marketing Manager at Dare Bikes, ‘MR1s’ (Product design)
• Ong,Wei-Yee — Designer, AQUAIR (Golden Pin Concept Design Award)
• Shih Bo-Han — Designer, Cream Mincho (Golden Pin Concept Design Award)

Taiwan Design Museum

Taiwan Design Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in Taiwanese arts and culture. Recently, Taiwan Design Museum hosted the ‘Atelier X Design in France’ exhibition, and the JIA Homeware exhibition.

Located at Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, an historical monument turned arts cluster, you can visit exhibitions and soak up the creative vibes. The buildings themselves date back to 1937, and were originally industrial spaces, part of the ‘Taiwan Sotokufu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau’ during the Japanese colonial era.

Download the exhibition Key Visual image and a map of Taiwan Design Museum from Dropbox

About the Golden Pin Design Award Group

The annual Golden Pin Design Award is the longest-running international design award that celebrates products or pro-jects expressly created for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities, offering entrants an unprecedented opportunity to prove their prowess in the world’s largest market.

The Golden Pin Award Group is comprised of two international awards — the Golden Pin Design Award, the Golden Pin Concept Design Award — and the Young Pin Design Award for students in Taiwan. The Golden Pin Design Award Group is executed by the Taiwan Design Center and organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Ministry of Economic Affairs acts in an advisory capacity.

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