Tontine Wines Won the Top Award at the 9th International PAR Organic Wine Award (2018)
Aug 08, 2018

"2012 - Honor Late Harvest Shuang Hong (Vitis amurensis)" produced by Tonghua Tongtian Winery

Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Tontine Wines Group Limited ("Tontine Wines" or "the Group", stock code: 0389), won the top gold award at the 9th International PAR Organic Wine Award in early July 2018. This is the only top gold award won by Chinese companies participating in this competition.

Tontine Wines' "2013 - Tontine Xuanniya Icewine Red" also won a gold award, with the highest score, at the 8th International PAR Organic Wine Award in July 2017. This year, Tontine Wines' "2012 - Honor Late Harvest Shuang Hong (Vitis amurensis)" received the top gold award, the highest level of international recognition, for organic wine.

"Organic wine has been gaining attention and popularity in the international market. Tontine Wines is one of the earliest large-scale wine companies in China that engaged in the production of organic wines. The organic cultivation base of the grapes used in the Group's wine production is situated in the same latitude and similar conditions as the Rhone Valley in France and Napa Valley in the United States (both are world-renowned premium grape growing and grape wine production regions). From grape picking to natural wine making; from wine bottling to warehousing and transportation, Tontine Wines has strict supervision procedures and quality control. The Group is committed to developing world-class, high-quality organic wine products using the unique mountain grapes in China," said Mr Wang Guangyuan, the chairman of Tontine Wines.

About China Tontine Wines Group Limited

China Tontine Wines Group Limited is one of the leading sweet wine producers in China. Unique taste, premium quality and top-notch operation earn the Group numerous awards. For instance, the

Group's "Tontine Xuanniya Ice Red Grape Wine" won a gold award in "the 8th Asian Wine Competition (2017)", while "Tontine Xuanniya Ice White Grape Wine" won the silver award. "2013 - Tontine Xuanniya Icewine Red" won the gold award in the International PAR Organic Wine Award with the highest score and "Tontine White Ice Wine" won the silver award in the First China Tonghua Cup * International Sweet Wine Competition.

The exceptional quality of Tontine Wines' products is much attributable to the Group's commitment to quality assurance and its grape supply from Ji'an city in Jilin Province, one of the few regions in the world that can cultivate the unique mountain grapes. In recent years, the Group has been dedicated to diversify its product portfolio to include low to mid-end wines to tap the mass market. The Group currently offers 133 types of wine products sold through 113 distributors in 20 provinces, 3 autonomous regions and 4 direct-controlled municipal cities in China. The Company's shares were listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since November 2009.

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