The Top Ways to Be a Greener Student in Asia
Jan 23, 2017

Asian students are a group of people who are often trying to cut their energy consumption, for a range of reasons, including of course the fact that the less energy you use, the less it will cost you. Living on a student budget isn’t often easy, however, it does provide you with a great opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and get used to practicing a more eco-friendly way of living. We’ve listed some of the main ways in which students at Asian colleges are able to help the planet by going green, and save money in the meantime.

Online Degree Programs

Typically, if you want to study for a degree at college, you will need to commit to attending often daily classes for around four years. However, online study has risen significantly in popularity over the past few years, with one of the main reasons for this being that students have the freedom and flexibility to study from home or other locations of their choice, with a timetable that they’ve come up with themselves and is perfectly suited to their lifestyle. Because of this, there is much less travel involved, so studying online can actually help to contribute to reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and minimizing carbon emissions.

Become Self-Sufficient

Self-sufficiency is certainly growing in popularity, particularly in Asian countries, and an increasing number of people are turning to things such as solar panels on their homes or water wells at home that they can use, rather than paying a monthly bill to be connected to the main grid. Although becoming self-sufficient with your utilities can take a while and a lot of work to set up, it’s definitely worth thinking about as a student, even if your plans for self-sufficiency don’t come into fruition until after you graduate from college.

Track Your Energy Use

As a student, the last thing you need is an unexpected utility bill to land on your doorstep and add even more stress to your life. This is why tracking your energy usage can be particularly useful for students, as it allows you to keep up with what you are using and have an idea of how much you’ll be paying for your energy per month. Along with this, making the effort to really think about how and when you’re using and wasting energy will make it easier for you to cut down and use less.

Get Creative with Recycling

If you’re studying for a program such as the Oregon Online MBA, being innovative and creative is required to be successful. Using the same creative skills that you apply in your academic work to eco-friendly activities such as recycling and finding new uses for things rather than throwing them away will help you to live a greener lifestyle and spend less. And, recycling can be fun!

Reducing energy consumption is important for everybody as it’s a great way to save money and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, benefitting the planet as well as your pocket! If you’re a student in Hong Kong, Singapore or anywhere else in Asia, large energy bills are certainly the last thing that you need, which is why these green habits are great to start now.