VIPPOOL clerk and VIPPOOL storage Released as Open-Source Software to Facilitate the Development of Systems Using Blockchain Technology
May 21, 2019

Experiment with and develop blockchain products more easily than ever

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VIPPOOL Inc. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuki Kojima) hereby announces the open-source release of VIPPOOL clerk—software for developing systems using blockchain technology—and VIPPOOL storage, a Python® library designed to make the software easy to use.

With VIPPOOL clerk, a server-side application independently developed by our company, anyone can easily read from or write data to blockchains even without specialized knowledge of this technology. This software, which runs on the Google App Engine™ platform, enables transaction, balance, and other information related to blockchains to be obtained quickly and in a scalable manner by preprocessing blockchain data. The software also features the ability to create a new transaction without having to send the private key to the server thanks to performing the electronic signature on the client side. Furthermore, "VIPPOOL clerk" runs in "VIPPOOL," the mining pool for Monacoin operated by our company and boasting the world's largest hash rate, and thus can be connected to the previously released API without any setup hassle. Finally, as it has been released as open source software, it can be easily reworked for other blockchains.

VIPPOOL storage is a Python® library that makes the already intuitive VIPPOOL clerk even easier to use. All it takes is implementing a few lines of code to obtain various types of information on Monacoin and its testnets, remit currency, or read or write data. Here “data” is a string recorded in the blockchain: it cannot be realistically tampered with, in the same way as remittance information in encrypted assets.

VIPPOOL clerk is a server-side application that provides functions as a normal web API, but can also be accessed even more easily using VIPPOOL storage.

As just one example, using the functions of VIPPOOL clerk and VIPPOOL storage makes it possible to develop a cryptocurrency balance calculation system (for tax returns, etc.) without any specialized blockchain knowledge.

VIPPOOL clerk and VIPPOOL storage are available on GitHub.

VIPPOOL clerk project (Japanese):

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VIPPOOL storage project (Japanese):

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"VIPPOOL storage" usage example
The blockchain can be accessed with just a few lines of code
vs = vippool_storage( privKey )
print vs.balance()
This example shows how to obtain the current balance for the coin address corresponding to the specified private key.

Remittance is also easy.
vs = vippool_storage( privKey )
print vs.send( 'mt5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', 1.0, 0.01 )
This example shows how to remit 1.0 Monas for a fee of 0.01 Monas.

It's also easy to read from or write data to the blockchain, as shown below.
*This example writes the arbitrary string ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ*
vs = vippool_storage( privKey )
txid = vs.write( 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', 0.01 )
print txid )
All you have to do is type “write” or “read” to perform the corresponding action.

In addition to proposing PoCs (proofs of concept) to customers who use this software, our company plans to link the software to the private-key management hardware we intend to sell in the near future. By releasing this software, VIPPOOL Inc. hopes to establish an infrastructure that leads to new ways to use Monacoin and other blockchain systems, thereby contributing to the further spread and development of Monacoin and blockchain technology.


Our company was established in July 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the R&D fabless semiconductor manufacturer AXELL Corporation (First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6730). We conduct blockchain business by taking advantage of AXELL's experience with encryption-related implementation technology, hardware design capabilities, and software development strength. We are striving to create a world where blockchain technology can be used securely, with peace of mind and conveniently, and thus we propose mining pools and infrastructure services, as well as other applications of these technologies.


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