"Wazzadu.com" Holding Thailand's First Virtual Exhibition
Jun 30, 2020

Wazzadu.com offers the new borderless experience to the architecture industry by hosting the "WAZZADU World Virtual Exhibition," Thailand's first virtual exhibition and trade show on innovative products and architectural designs. This virtual exhibition is destined to make major contributions to society not only by increasing business channels and opportunities but also reducing environmental impacts and promoting better quality of lives for the participants without a need to be stuck in a traffic congestion. The organizer shows its readiness in accommodating virtual visitors to participate in the exhibition 24 hours without limits on the platform.

The WAZZADU World Virtual Exhibition is designed under the concept, “Nature Retreat,” bringing a fresh new, exciting experience through the Virtual Exhibition that simulates the atmosphere of the archipelago. This is to link the digital world with the aesthetics of the nature, reflecting the enormous power of nature in creating and inspiring countless world-class designs and architecture. Correspondingly, the exhibitors can pursue their innovative ideas seamlessly without spatial restrictions in this virtual experience using the modern digital technology.

Mr. Jullakiat Sinchaichookiat, the founder of Wazzadu.com and Chief Executive Officer of Baramizi Group, revealed that the WAZZADU World Virtual Exhibition is held under the concept of Nature Retreat, aiming to take the visitors to a relaxing, fun and dynamic atmosphere, almost like a vacation trip while strengthening their business. This concept stems from the strong motivation to present this particular trade show which might be challenging to organize in the usual offline setting, merged with the idea that almost all the materials and architecture are originated from nature while people living in the world of modern technology increasingly crave for these nostalgic aesthetics. To capture this concept, the exhibition, thus, creates the surreal nature in the form of the archipelago.

The objective of this exhibition is to offer an innovative means for businesses to connect the buyers and distributors more quickly after the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, the architects, engineers, contractors and project owners who seeks to keep up to date with the latest trends in material, product, architectural innovation and technology can participate in online business Matching negotiations. The exhibitors will have more opportunity to showcase their latest innovation via the borderless online platform, which would certainly enable them to boost sales, expand their business, enhance efficiency and minimize the operating cost by tapping into the digital technology platform.

The concept of delivering the aesthetics of architecture using the virtual 3D presentation technology is what sets WAZZADU World Virtual Exhibition apart from other virtual exhibitions. This virtual exhibition also offers other unique experiences for the visitors to enjoy, such as the showcase of inspirational ideas and stunning products in 3D Virtual Images and the User Experience interface that can actively interact with visitors. Meanwhile, the exhibitors can have fruitful discussions with the visitors via Chat or Face to Face live chat. Overall, WAZZADU World Virtual Exhibition offers the visitors a seamless exhibition experience starting from the registration, trade exhibition, business negotiation and business networking via the website wazzadu.com.

Apparently, digitize has become a part of people's lives, making everyone attains a more convenient lifestyle and making the world healthier by not heavily destroying the environment in a few days of organizing an exhibition. At the same time, the organizing team has made effort to ensure that cybersecurity is our top priority in this virtual exhibition." affirmed Mr. Jullakiat.

The WAZZADU World Virtual Exhibition is taking place this 9-15 September 2020. The exhibition offers various zones for visitors to experience the latest groundbreaking innovations and further expand their project accordingly. The exhibition itself is divided into the 3 following zones. Brand Showcase features 24-hour product and innovation showcase where business negotiation is readily available via the system. Professional Showcase displays the masterpiece of interesting interior architects and contractors. The last zone, WAZZADU World Innovation & Design Forum, is a not-to-miss online seminar that visitors will find updates on innovations to watch out for in material, architectural and engineering design from the panel of experts. The brand owners, distributor and entrepreneurs who are interested to take part in this exhibition can contact Khun May at 091-9199424, 02-7140454, Khun Pong at 092-2513418 or LineOA: @wazzadu.com.

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