Why Thailand is ready for SETA 2018
Mar 12, 2018

BANGKOK --( ASIA TODAY )-- With Asia as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, it is undoubtedly leading in the forefront of global renewable energy expansion, with its overall capacity projected to occupy 45 percent of the world’s total share, surpassing even the markets of the North America and Western Europe region.

Alternative energy solutions that are rapidly becoming more available and considerably cost-effective, coupled with concerted efforts to implement clean environments - can be said to be the key drivers to propel this exponential growth. Though the robust landscape is dominated by China and India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are fast becoming strong and significant players.

Thailand is strategically positioned in the hub of this hotspot of rapid growth in renewable energy. It is not only in close proximity with the industry giants of China and India but more importantly, Thailand is fast becoming a force to reckon with, particularly in the markets of its sub-region of ASEAN. BMI’s special report “Asia Renewables : A Sustainable Future” (March 2017) has 2 observations that point to Thailand’s potential as a strong renewables market. One was “Select markets in ASEAN region are fast becoming increasingly attractive for renewable energy investment, with Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia set to dominate the sub-region’s renewables capacity mix over the coming decade”. The other was “we view Thailand as the ASEAN renewables investment bright spot as the country has emerged as the outperforming solar markets in the South East Asia Region…”

Within Thailand, renewable energy is high on its economic growth agenda so as to reduce its dependency on imported energy, as well as to enhance its resources to facilitate overall industrial and economic growth for global competitiveness. Projections show that its renewable energy market share will increase substantially within the next 20 years, with solar power and biomass being the two primary energy alternatives. Its Power Development Plan (2015 to 2036) drawn up in 2015 aims to reduce electricity demand through alternative energy solutions, as well as through energy conservation plans targeted at key groups including industries, business buildings, residences and public areas. In tandem is also the plan to reduce the carbon footprint by 37 percent through increased production of renewable power.

From all perspectives, SETA 2018 in Thailand represents a critical event for Asia’s renewable energy markets. It is a timely and highly visible platform for sponsors, exhibitors and investors to present their projects, products and services to a quality group of B2B visitors comprising high level decision/policy makers, conference delegates and senior corporate representatives as well as from the media and the academia. The multi-themed conference presents a prime dialogue opportunity for policy makers from the the private and public sectors, as well as a learning experience to glimpse into the technology trends in the renewables energy development pipeline. That its host country - Thailand - is one of Asia’s potential players in the renewable energy industry- enhances the content and direction of SETA 2018 as an event not to be missed. Culminating all this is of course the attraction that Thailand is the region’s most preferred destination for business and pleasure.


The SETA 2018, 3-day conference is the excellent platform to bring broaden energy thought-leadership, expertise and innovative technology required to urge the energy investment deploying both of commercial and technical knowledge to shape the energy mix policy and reflect to this economical and environmental flourishing in the region. As uniquely, SETA will vividly urging in broaden discussion for the whole pipe-line energy since upstream, conventional power and electricity production ,through the major energy consumption deployment in transportation sector , and the alternatively key play energy resource –Renewable Energy to bridge with innovative technology solution to the developing and advancing use of renewables and the future of energy aspect with the smart cities solution, all to shape and fulfill the energy mix with secure, affordable and low carbon society for our cities, countries and generations as destination, This is the Must-Attend-Event of the year.

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