World Barista Champion to Perform in Oman for the First Time
Jul 17, 2019

Muscat, Oman, 17 July 2019 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Coffee enthusiasts, café and restaurant owners, coffee franchise outlets, coffee equipment manufacturers, buyers, suppliers, distributors and retailers catering to the coffee business will be treated to a world-class coffee making and brewing demonstration by Agnieszka Rojes, the title holder of the 2018 World Barista Championship, at the Food & Hospitality Oman event from October 14 to 16, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Poland-born Rojes is the first female to win in the prestigious World Barista Championship, which was held in the Netherlands. Apart from working as a barista trainer, she constantly tours the world to attend events, judge at competitions, and gives talks at coffee events. She is currently a member of the Barista Guild of Europe.

Ammar Ahmad, exhibition director, Food & Hospitality Oman, comments, “We are delighted to host Ms. Rojes at the event, which is a first in Oman. This is a refreshing highlight of our very own Oman Barista Competition. Her presence at the show will inspire and motivate budding baristas in Oman to raise their skill and creativity level, increase their knowledge and understanding of (specialty) coffee and its origins, as well as coffee preparation techniques.”

He adds that over the last few years, coffee shop owners and employers have been ensuring training for their baristas as they believe that it is not only learning proper coffee preparation techniques that is important but knowledge about how coffee is produced, where it is grown, its growing conditions, its characteristics and varieties and various processing methods.

Oman’s growing coffee culture, the increasing demand and consumption of coffee, and the continuous entry of coffee franchise outlets, retail stores and hypermarkets that cater to the

coffee business is encouraging small players especially in the specialty coffee market. The organizers believe that leveraging this growing interest in coffee through competitions will add value to the entire supply chain, offer opportunities for the coffee products and companies being represented to showcase their competitive edge, and influence improvements in coffee equipment and technology as well as the quality and grade of coffee.

In its bid to support Oman’s coffee industry and the food industry as a whole, Omanexpo has been organizing the Oman Barista Competition as part of Food & Hospitality Oman exhibition. Now on its sixth edition, it has grown to become one of the popular features of the landmark industry show. It is organized in association with the National Hospitality Institute (NHI) Oman and Italy-based coffee brand illy.

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