World Refrigerator Industry Enters "Chinese Era," Haier Takes the Lead
Mar 13, 2018

QINGDAO, China, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, world authority Euromonitor International released the 2017 global refrigerator ranking list. Haier refrigerator owns 17.3% market share and has ranked first place for 10 consecutive years. Korean brands LG and Samsung own 6.9% and 6.1% of the share respectively and rank second and third place. Us Whirlpool ranks fourth with 4.6% of the market share. With the advantage of 4 times of the market share of Whirlpool, Haier refrigerator leads the world refrigerator industry into the "Chinese era."

Throughout the 100 years of development of the world's refrigerator industry, this ranking has also undergone several changes. Since the birth of the world's first household refrigerator in the United States in 1918, the world refrigerator industry has experienced the "European and American era" (Whirlpool, Electolux), the "Japanese era" (Panasonic, Sony, etc.), and the "Chinese era" (Haier).

According to global sales data, global refrigeration sales reached 164 million sets in 2017, of which Haier's refrigerator global sales accounted for 21.2%. It ranks the first in the industry, and ranks in the top place in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, North America, Central East Africa, Australia, Latin America and other regions. It can be said that China's Haier has become the well-deserved world refrigerator industry leader.

Source: Haier

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