A World of Shapes at Formex
Oct 31, 2017

Stockholm --( ASIA TODAY )-- “A World of Shapes” is the theme of the spring Formex interior design fair, which will be held January 17 20, 2018. Inspired by artist David Hockney, the theme revolves around different interior objects that form still lifes and new groupings to create innovative, playful forms and constellations.

Humor and happiness are the key words in this spring’s theme, “A World of Shapes”, which looks to British pop artist David Hockney’s paintings for a life-inspiring color scale. Sunny yellow with coral, terracotta, lilac purple, grassy green, light blue and turquoise come together to create a vibrant palette.

“The slightly subdued pastels are still evident as an interiors trend, but the new colors sweeping in bring bursts of fresh air and when combined with one another give us a pure energy boost. There is no question that color affects us, and during uncertain times we feel a need to brighten up our existence. And research shows that color affects our desire to buy things,” explains Christina Olsson, Project Area Manager for Formex.

The theme rests on two pillars: form and color. The expression varies from stylish, elegant and slightly retro through bohemian and artistic to a more graphic, happy pop. The pattern also draws inspiration from painting in a studio environment, with plenty of rough brush strokes, watercolor splatter and patches of color. It should preferably appear to be fast, sketched and improvised.

Materials are in focus, while visual expression takes a second seat to the product’s underlying design process. The material choice can be odd, and sometimes trash is processed and formed into new objects. The expression is eclectic with forms that are both organic and soft, but also reminiscent of a sprawling collage. Sustainability and environmental awareness are a given and continue to affect the interior trends.

For more information, visit www.formex.se or contact:
Christina Olsson, Project Area Manager
+46 8 749 44 28, christina.olsson@stockholmsmassan.se

Liisa Aus, Content & Media Manager
+46 8 749 41 53, liisa.aus@stockholmsmassan.se

Formex is organized by Stockholmsmässan and takes place twice a year. Formex is the leading Nordic meeting place for new products, business opportunities, trends, knowledge and inspiration in the interiors industry. Formex welcomes 900 exhibitors, 23,000 trade visitors and more than 850 media representatives.

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