Wuhan Makes Waves on International Social Media with Online "Meet in Wuhan" Campaign
Jan 07, 2019

WUHAN, China, Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "Meet in Wuhan", the online campaign launched by the Wuhan Tourism Development Committee on international social media, came to a successful end on December 25. The campaign offered overseas audiences a glimpse into Wuhan's diverse tourism attractions and cultural heritage through a series of intriguing stories presented with 3D animation techniques, setting a perfect example in marketing a Chinese tourist city to an overseas audience.

The campaign encouraged overseas social media users to participate in a "story domino" activity by writing and sharing stories about the city of Wuhan. Those selected were reproduced in 3D animations and posted on the social media account @Visit Wuhan. The campaign was soon met with a warm response from users across the world. The "Meet in Wuhan" animated videos eventually garnered a cumulative viewership of over 7 million on Facebook and sparked wide attention on Twitter, as well as other international social media platforms.

Based on the original stories users contributed, the Wuhan Tourism Development Committee produced videos featuring a range of Wuhan's tourist attractions, including the Yellow Crane Tower, East Lake, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan University, Guiyuan Temple and Happy Valley Wuhan. By engaging social media users in the activity and interacting with them, the campaign increased the popularity of Wuhan's social media accounts and boosted the overseas influence and awareness of Wuhan as a major Chinese tourist city.

The "Meet in Wuhan" online campaign, which has been a huge success, presented Wuhan to global audiences as a diverse, inclusive and international city blessed with beautiful landscapes. It's also one of Wuhan's attempts to live up to its reputation as one of China's first tourist cities to "go global." In the future, Wuhan will try to design more exemplary marketing campaigns, with greater openness and flexibility to attract a larger number of foreign tourists to explore the city's stunning scenery.

Source: Wuhan Tourism Development Committee

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