Xtremax to Develop a CAS for Ministry of Health
Oct 11, 2020

9 October 2020, Singapore - Leading cloud technology service provider, Xtremax in collaboration with award-winning deep-tech startup, UCARE.AI has won a contract to develop and maintain a Claim Analytics System (CAS) for the Ministry of Health (MOH).

This multi-million project is part of the ministry's efforts in improving the overall state of medical-related claims processing. The planned IT infrastructure will leverage Xtremax's latest cloud-based innovation combined with the power of extensive machine-learning by the specialist in predictive AI, UCARE.AI. The cloud-based CAS platform aims to improve upon several existing areas such as curbing long payment cycles as well as addressing the lack of real-time communicative means between the relevant entities. This initiative will further propel the digital adoption of MOH in enhancing the delivery of its services.

The CAS was built to address aberrations to the processes in the claims to better facilitate the traffic between medical entities and MOH. By implementing the system, it optimizes the claims procedure by flagging out outlier medical claims that do not meet the appropriate financial schemes or medical plans such as over-servicing, over-charging, fraud as well as possible abuse cases. This will allow prioritization for validated claims to have a timely approval.

Following several successful partnerships with other entities, Xtremax is confident that they can implement the background architecture for a system that will greatly increase efficiency of the claim requests for the MOH and all the entities involved. “Xtremax's partnership with Ministry of Health and UCARE.AI will enable us to improve the claims outcomes and expedite decision making for various health financial schemes starting with MediShield Life, MediSave and CHAS on a national scale,” said Denise Kee, Director at Xtremax.

UCARE.AI's proprietary deep learning algorithms, built of cloud-based microservices architecture provides high availability, fault tolerance and real-time processing of high-volume predictions to further increase the accuracy of outlier detections. Neal Liu, Founder and CTO of UCARE.AI said, “Our revolutionary solution will enable better claim evaluations through early, accurate detection of anomalies. The partnership between UCARE.AI, Xtremax and MOH indicates the government’s confidence in adopting new, innovative technology to optimize processes with the ultimate goal of improving the sustainability of Singapore’s public insurance system."


About Xtremax

Xtremax Pte Ltd is an established, award-winning cloud technology company whose work spans multiple segments of the IT industry. Since 2003, we have grown into a strong strategic business partner with various Singaporean government bodies, large organisations, MNCs, local businesses and educational institutions.

As a close working partner of numerous government bodies, Xtremax Singapore’s extensive work in providing cloud solutions has culminated in the creation of CWP (Content Website Platform): a common cloud platform that made headlines for making management of Singapore Government websites streamlined and economical, without compromising on security.

Today, Xtremax is a large family network of about 500 professionals across the region, including Singapore (HQ), Bandung, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


UCARE.AI is an award-winning IMDA accredited, deep-tech company. UCARE.AI’s proprietary online ML and AI platform built on a cloud-based microservices architecture, provides real-time predictive insights to a range of clients across different industries for risk management, cost containment, and lead generation.

In the case of healthcare, UCARE.AI’s solutions include recommendations and predictions for hospitalisation and health risk scores, health nudges, dynamic pricing, bill and claim estimations, anomaly detection, medical demand forecasting, lead generation, personalised wellness and patient-doctor matchmaking.

UCARE.AI’s AI-Powered Cost Predictor was deployed at all Parkway Pantai hospitals in Singapore since November 2018 to provide dynamic real-time predictions of bill size at pre-admission at 82% accuracy, empowering Parkway to offer individualized dynamic fixed prices for six common medical procedures - the first programme of its kind.

UCARE.AI concluded its Series A funding in early 2018, with global investors including VC firm Walden International, Southeast Asia’s oldest insurance group Great Eastern, Singaporean investor and philanthropist Peter Lim, and law firm WongPartnership’s startup initiative WPGrowth Ventures.

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