Reha+Aid China 2011
Date : Nov 12, 2011 - Nov 14, 2011
Opening Hours : 9:00 - 17:00
Venue : Continent International Commerce Demonstration Center
Location Address : Guangzhou
Country : China
Organizer : Guangzhou Grandeur (Hongwei) Exhibition Services Co., Ltd
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Number of exhibitors : 250
Major Exhibits :

Exhibition highlights

Equipment for Rehabilitation and Aid Treatment: facility and instrument for the disabled of hearing, visual, intellect, body, breathing aids, treatment and measuring instruments, pressure sore prevention, puzzle, fitness equipment, etc

Prostheses and Orthoses: shaft technology; socket and custom-fitted components; control technology and sensors; cosmetic components, support bandages; splints; bodices; corsets; seat orthoses; 3D measuring equipment, orthopaedic footwear technology, Neck and Chest Brace,Elbow Brace,Air-permeable Lumbar Elastic Corset,Pediatric Bilateral Slider Hip Outreach brace,Hinged Hip Abduction Orthosis,Adjustable Jacket Brace

Special Instruments for Mobility: wheelchairs; vehicles; crutches; walking and support sticks; scooters; transfer lifts; walking aids, etc Appliance for Rehabilitation and Nursing: medical and healthcare instruments for Rehabilitation, nursing and training; exercise devices; health-keeping medicine, etc

Special Sanitary Equipment: bathing and toileting accessories incontinence aid and assist for the disable and elderly Special Bedroom Accessories: aided beds and seating accessories; special dining instruments, etc

Barrier-free Facilities: household sets (kitchen, bathing, bedding, etc); Special Learning and Communicating Equipment; public infrastructures .

Nursing Care : testing instruments, mobile phone ,shoes clothing ,knitting supplies ,convenience products, nutrition and health food, anti-aging medicine ,massage and the other health products.

Recreation: game, champion, sports equipment Related Institutions and Organizations: institutions providing services ranging from financial management; traveling arrangement; legal consultation; medical treatment; relevant media, magazines and journals, etc.

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