3 Reasons Why Getting an MBA Makes Sense from a Career Standpoint
Jan 11, 2017

If you're looking to further your career in your chosen field or even want to make a change, then getting an MBA makes perfect sense. Not only will an MBA help you to achieve a promotion in your current company, but it will also open the doors to additional job opportunities and a substantial increase in salary. Here are three reasons why studying for an MBA makes sense from a career standpoint.

1. Greater Employment Opportunity & Salary

Employers are looking for new staff who not only have experience in their chosen field, but who also have the skills and knowledge to add value to the company. In fact, in 2016, 96% of employers said that they would prefer to employ business school graduates because of the benefit these people will provide for the company they work for.

Having an MBA sets you apart from other job candidates and gives you a distinct advantage in landing that job. And if you're looking for a promotion in your current place of employment, an MBA shows your employer that you are serious in wanting to further your career with your current company.

Some of the top careers for MBA grads include

• Chief Technology Officer
• Computer and Information Systems Manager
• High-End Management Consultant
• Information Technology Director
• Investment Fund Manager
• Financial Manager
• Marketing Manager

As you can see, these are all managerial type positions and therefore they command an excellent salary. Having an MBA also grants you much more job security, or at least the security of knowing that you have a qualification that is desired by most employers.

2. Specialization in Your Chosen Field

Most MBA programs offer different specializations in the field that you're choosing to work in. Choosing a certain specialization enables you to build a stronger skill base, which makes you extremely attractive to potential employers.

Listing a specialization on your resume helps you to stand out from the crowd of other candidates and therefore employers will view your application more favorably, especially if they need additional skills in that particular field.

3. Attaining Transferable Skills

Not only will an MBA help you to further your prospects in your current company, but if you're thinking of moving into another field entirely, your MBA gives you the opportunity to explore a myriad of other career options.

The skills that you've acquired through your studies, including leadership, analysis, intellectual creativity, communication and critical thinking, can all be applied to many varied careers with an MBA.

So if you're currently working in finance, for example, and down the track you decide that you really want to move into the hospitality industry, your MBA will give you the opportunity to change career paths much more seamlessly.

Getting an MBA these days does not need to be difficult. You don't need to throw in your current job and head back to university full-time and therefore sacrifice your current lifestyle. There are now many opportunities to study for your MBA online while you're still working and looking after your family.