Wine Around the World: International Trends That Can Captivate the Asian Market
Jan 16, 2020

The Asian market contributed to 63% of all wine sales in 2018, according to Southeby’s Annual Market Report. This number has not died and is made manifestly clear in the major wine events across Asia that occurred in 2019. Given the hunger for wine in the Asian market, it is worth exploring which trends have the best chances of succeeding this year.

Wine Is A Click Away

In the eyes of the consumer, convenience is king. Consumers in Asian countries like Singapore and the Philippines are now seeking to purchase their wines in a more convenient manner. Around 46% of consumers in China are now buying their wine from online stores, according to Rachel Arthur. The wine industry has taken note and has added e-commerce channels to reach their target market. With wine offerings simply a few clicks away, consumers can now order white wine from Qantas and other online stores.

Health-Driven Consumerism

There has been a steady rise of health-driven consumerism around the globe and wine-makers are rising to the challenge. Asian consumers tend to prefer red wine with its associated health benefits. Australia, in particular, is leading the market through its production of the local Shiraz grapes that turn into exquisite red wine. The known health benefits of Shiraz-based wines can include lowering the risk of cancer, stroke prevention, and so many others.

Nearby Exporters and New Producers

The biggest trend to help shape the Asian wine industry is the rise of new wine producers and nearer exporters. Historically, the largest wine exporters in the world are from France and Spain. In the span of a few years, China, Japan, and India are developing and exporting their own wines. While the wine industry in China is still relatively young, they have managed to win multiple international awards. In doing so, it effectively showcased that new producers offer substance despite being beginners in an old industry. In effect, wines made more affordable for Asian consumers due to the proximity of exporters.

If the trends are anything to go by, both the local and international wine producers are increasing their efforts to bite into the Asian market. Wine lovers have a lot to look forward to in 2020, with wine markets around the world designed to captivate them. Only time will tell which trend will reign supreme above the others.